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What is the difference between traditional games (web2) and blockchain games (web3)?

Difference Between Web3 Games and Web2 Games; Blockchain games have been on the rise in recent years. Many game studios have already started using blockchain technology. Well-known companies such as Ubisoft and Square Enix have developed blockchain games. So what is the benefit of game development on the blockchain to game studios? What is the benefit to the players? How are web3 games different from web2 games?

Traditional Game vs. Blockchain Game

Let’s start by checking out the state of players in traditional video games. Good games are almost never free. In blockchain games, players can play without spending any money. This kind; ‘Free-to-play’ games allow players to earn money as well as being able to play without spending money. In addition, there is no ownership in web2 games. When you buy a game, you only buy the right to access that game. In-game assets in Web2 games do not belong to you. They cannot be transferred or sold. In Web3 games, you can buy, sell or even rent your in-game assets.

Blockchain games use cryptocurrencies and NFTs. This gives players a huge advantage over traditional games as it gives them real ownership over their assets and allows players to buy, sell and trade in-game items.

Play-to-Earn: The Rise and Fall

Blockchain games started with the Play-to-Earn model. In the play-to-earn model, it is necessary to pay money to enter the games. Just like in web2 games. However, unlike web2 games, web3 games have attracted a lot of attention due to the potential to recover the money spent to enter the game and even make a profit in blockchain games. Unfortunately, the investment prospect of this model has prevented many players from participating in blockchain games.

Since then, the industry has developed and now the free-to-play model has become more preferred alongside the old model. Many blockchain games are free and will soon rival traditional games in terms of quality.

Blockchain Oyunları

Advantages of Blockchain Games

  • Real Ownership — Thanks to blockchain technology and NFTs, players can become the real owners of the assets they use in the game.

  • Market Value — There is no system in which assets in traditional games can be traded. In the blockchain world, there is a complete market for NFTs of all kinds.

  • Community Governance — Something we never see in traditional games is community governance. Via the blockchain, users can have a direct say in the future development of their favorite games. Players can direct the development of web3 games through DAOs and Guilds.

  • Blockchain History — Every interaction that assets in blockchain technology enter from the moment they are first produced can be tracked. This makes it possible to determine the true value of in-game assets.

  • Easy payment via Web3 — Payments can be made easily thanks to the infrastructure provided by blockchain technology. It facilitates the distribution of winnings from tournaments.

Blockchain games have been around for several years and are still at a very early stage. Web3 gaming is a brand new industry that is certainly not perfect, as developers are still trying to find the best model for a sustainable in-game economy. The Play-to-Earn model was what got players excited in the first place, but it was based on a never-ending stream of new players. Currently, blockchain game studios are evolving towards a model that re-emphasizes gaming and rewards player skill. Web3 games have ignited a radical change in the gaming world. Together we will watch where it goes.

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