Titans of War is a TCG (Trading Card Game) play-to-earn game developed on the Immutable X network. Titans of War, with its team experienced in game development and blockchain, takes a stand against the fact that the economies of web2-based card games put players in trouble and spend a lot of money. They state that the economic activity between players, which cannot be made possible by web2-based games, can only be achieved with blockchain. Goals; To make a game that is web3 based but more preferable, more in demand than even web2 based card games. In the image below, you can see how much a player has spent since the launch of the Hearthstone game. When we play Titans of War play to earn game for this long, we will enter a process where we will earn money instead of spending money in this way.

Titans Of War
Titans Of War

The theme does matter. The theme of the game is very interesting. It does not contain any fantasy or sci-fi elements. It has a theme developed entirely on people, events and inspirations from real history. The character we have chosen has both mechanics suitable for the style of war and units and spells suitable for its visuality.


If you have played games such as Hearthstone, Magic the Gathering: Arena or Elder Scrolls: Legends before, you will be very familiar with the mechanics of Titans of War play to earn game. In the game, after making a 40-card deck consisting of various soldiers, structures and spells, we try to destroy our opponent by making various spells by landing soldiers on the field. The game is played on a round basis and when your opponent’s or our character’s health reaches 0, the game ends.

The game has several different modes. We enter the ‘Sealed Deck’ mode by paying a certain amount of ToW tokens. We get 15 packs of 8 cards each. All cards obtained here are temporary. We can get a maximum of 7 wins in this mode. If we lose 3 times, we will be eliminated. There are 3 different levels that we can enter in the ‘Tournaments’ mode. The first level is the free-to-play section. We can enter here completely free of charge, without paying any money, and if we can get 7 wins, we can get nft and token rewards. Some entry fee is paid for the second level ‘medium stake’ and the third level ‘high stake’ tournament modes. The rewards to be won at these levels are higher and 7 wins are not required for the reward. In addition to these modes, we can participate in the ‘Championship’ mode that will be broadcasted live on Twitch and Youtube.

The developers of the game have established a system that prevents the cards we get in Titans of War from accumulating excessively and becoming worthless after a while. In order to participate in the tournaments that will start every month, we will need to have some special cards on hand. These special cards can only be obtained by burning other cards and only those special card holders will be able to participate in that month’s tournament.


Titans of War stands out in terms of both game design and visual design among play-to-earn games. In addition, the nft burning mechanism and incentive mechanisms for players to buy tokens are also interesting. The fact that it is produced by a team experienced in both game design and blockchain also ensures the success of the game. As Play2EarnTR, we are handing out whitelists for the Titans of War play to earn game! If you want to be included in the Titans of War game, do not forget to follow us.

Titans of War Website: https://www.titansofwar.io/

Titans of War Whitepaper: https://introd.gitbook.io/titans-of-war/

Titans of War Medium Articles: https://medium.com/@TitansofWar

Titans of War Linktr.ee Account: https://linktr.ee/titansofwar

Titans of War Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/titansofwar/

Titans of War Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/TitansofWar_TCG

Titans of War MINT Website: https://mint.titansofwar.com/

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