Outlaw Troopers

Recently, many play to earn games have been released, and players are offered the opportunity to experience different types of games. Outlaw Troopers is a resource management – real-time strategy game that will launch on the Wax blockchain network in 1 week. Outlaw Troopers was designed by FGL, a veteran of game production. FGL has 2 games called Cosmic Clash and Mecha World on the Wax network, as well as their games popular on Google Play ve is a professional corporation that also designs many games. Their latest game, Outlaw Troopers, offers us a unique strategy experience.

Outlaw Troopers is a play to earn game set in the distant future. Galactic Empire Organization who are gathering resources in space and takes almost everything from the people of the galaxy. Survival is getting harder and harder for people living in distant corners of the galaxy. We are commanding a group of soldiers trying to raise funds for these people. Our troop is called Outlaw Troopers! Our goal is to establish our own civilization!


Outlaw Troopers is a play-to-earn strategy game where the use of virtual in-game resources and items is at the forefront. In order to play the game, you must have at least 1 soldier. We will get various resources in the game, with these resources we will have various equipments and we will strengthen our soldiers – ships and fight the enemies. Every soldier needs a ship to go on a mission or to war. As we can get the ships with the virtual resources in the game, we can also use the NFT ships of Cosmic Clash, the other game of FGL. So you don’t have to buy new virtual ships every month. Also, if you use the ships of the game Cosmic Clash, you will get an extra bonus in the missions.

To buy the ships of the play Cosmic Clash game: 

The duration of all virtual assets we obtain in Outlaw Troopers play to earn game is 1 month. After 1 month, all our virtual assets are reset together with the leaderboard. The NFT items we have are always available in the game. If you want to advance your civilization faster, you should definitely have NFT items.

Outlaw Troopers has 2 different gameplay mechanics: Missions and Encounters.


Missions are a mechanic that our soldiers produce passively as long as their resources are sufficient. There are 4 different missions, each in a different production.

Heist Mission: It is a free mission, as long as our soldier is in this mission, he / she generates Credits, which are in-game virtual money.

Hijacking Mission: It is a free mission, as long as our soldier is on this mission, he / she generates the in-game virtual currency, Ocurium.

Salvaging Mission: Requires Ocurium, rewards Gear

Hacking Mission: Requires Credits, rewards Encounter Access Key to enter battles

The earnings of free missions and the cost of paid missions differ according to the Gears we equip. In Salvaging and Hacking missions, if you run out of resources, the mission will be stopped.


In-game battles called ‘Encounter’ are real-time strategy game mechanics. Battles consist of different sections and each section has different rewards. Difficulty level and rewards increase as you progress to the new chapter. Encounter Access Key is required to enter battles. The Encounter Access Key can be purchased for Credits in the in-game market, obtained with the Hacking Mission, or produced daily, 1 per day, with the Encounter Pass NFT. The battle section consists of 10 different difficulty levels. Except for the 1st level, the other levels have an entrance fee and are paid with FGL coin. If we fail, we may earn less than what we paid on entry. According to the strength of our civilization and our ships, we must choose the one that suits us best and play a good game.

The way to be successful in battles is to equip the right Gears. To equip gears, we must have brought our civilization to a certain level.

Level 1: Common Gear

Level 5: Rare Gear

Level 10: Epic Gear

Level 15: Legendary Gear

We can obtain the reputation points necessary to raise the level of our civilization by winning chapters in Encounters.

We prepared our soldiers and geared up our Gears. We are now ready to fight and gather resources. However, there are other situations that affect rewards and battles. The most important of these are the characteristics of our civilization. In this section called Empire Traits, we can see the features of our civilization and change 5 different features by paying certain amounts of Credits or FGL coins. The characteristics of our civilization vary according to rarity.

Empire Traits


Each soldier has the capacity to equip a certain number of gears, and each soldier can equip a certain number of different gears. Gears are available in different rarities. There are gears that are deleted at the end of the month, along with rankings and other virtual items, as well as NFT gears that belong to us and can always be used. By combining every 10 gears of the same rarity that we obtain in-game, we can get a higher level gear. If we craft Legendary gear, there’s a 15% chance that gear will turn into Legendary and an 85% chance to turn into an epic rarity NFT. In addition, we can sell the gears we obtain in the in-game market for Credits and buy the ones we need. There are 3 types of gear with different effects:

Grunt Gears: Grunt-type gears allow our soldiers to produce more or faster resources in missions.

Tactician Gears: Tactician-type gears grant passive buffs to ships in battles.

Power Gears: Power-type gears give special abilities that we can use in battles.

Space Stations

Space Stations are the most valuable NFT items in the game. Only 50 of these NFTs will be produced. This NFT item has 2 different earning systems:

  • Payment is made in FGL coin according to the total amount of FGL earned by all players on a monthly basis.
  • Provides a discount on the price paid for Gear merging.

Monthly payments are also determined by the rarity of Space Station NFT items.

Rare rarity Space Station 85% of monthly earnings

Epic rarity Space Station 100% of monthly earnings

Legendary rarity Space Station will earn 115% of their monthly earnings.

FGL Avatars

Another feature that affects earnings in the game is FGL Avatars. As in other games of FGL, Outlaw Troopers also affects the winnings in the play and win game.

Powerbuff: 5% increase in Heist mission gains

Protection: 5% increase in Hijacking mission gains

Harvester: 5% increase in Salvaging mission gains

Scientist: 5% increase in Hacking mission earnings

Outlaw Troopers play to earn game offers us a detailed and enjoyable gaming experience. FGL has designed a great game where we can have fun and earn money while playing. If you want to participate in the sale of the Outlaw Troopers play to earn game, you can participate in the giveaways and other events organized on our Discord server.

Web Site: https://www.outlawtroopers.io/

Discord: https://discord.gg/4UX8HSTdnc

Drop Link: https://neftyblocks.com/c/outlawtroops

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