Krypto Fighters

What is Krypto Fighters?

Krypto Fighters is a brand new 2D pixel style fighter-themed turn-based RPG game.

The Krypto Fighters play and win game that will be released on the Polygon network is designed by Maxma Games Studio. The team consists of award-winning designers, game developers and game designers who have worked on AAA games.


Krypto Fighters tells the tale of a sovereign state afflicted by conflict over the control of resources and technology between multiple capitalist congregations.

To prevent the increasing environmental damage that have been caused over the long period of skirmishes, they formed a pact and agreed on “organized battles” to settle the score and determine the rights and shares to these resources. The capitalist congregations funded the Fight Clubs, a central hub where Fighters are recruited into teams of 4 and trained for battles which are hosted all over the city of “Kryptopolis”.

Players take on the role of a Coach in the Fight Clubs tasked with the mission to recruit and train Fighters in their team, lead the team to participate in the battles and become the strongest team in Kryptopolis.

While others fight to protect, some Fighters are in it to conquer.

Krypto Fighters

How to Play Krypto Fighters ?

The game is normally played with 4 characters. In order to play the game, it will be enough to have at least 1 Fighters NFT. If you have 1 Fighters NFT, the game gives you 3 (unsellable) Fighters. Of course, since these are free, they are not very powerful. The more Fighters NFTs you buy, the stronger your team will become. You can earn money by playing Fighters NFTs that you have purchased, make a profile picture or use it to earn passive income by investing interest. In addition, with the scholarship system, you can play the game for free without investing and earn money. What is the Scholarship system? Please read our article to learn about it.

There are 8 different classes in the game. Each class has different features and abilities.

Some classes are strong in defense, some classes are strong in attack, and some are strong in support. In order to win, you have to determine your own strategy in the four-on-four fight and defeat every warrior on the opposing team with the abilities of your characters. Each character has their own health and stamina.

As you use your abilities, your stamina decreases, and as the opposing team damages you, your health decreases. After passing each stage, you continue to fight with your remaining health and stamina in the new level. The more stages you pass before your fighters die, the more game tokens you earn.

Krypto Fighters 2D pixel game promises an enjoyable experience where we can beat opponents with different strategies and have fun and earn money while playing.

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