Time Breachers

Time Breachers is a 4x play to earn game developed on the Ethereum network. 4x games are the type of game in which resource management and various variables are followed, turn-based or real-time strategy and action are intertwined. Age of Wonders and Civilization are examples of this genre. Time Breachers is a game that will be very enjoyable to play!

Time Breachers has an experienced team in the field. Moreover, it was selected first among many projects in the Ubisoft Entrepreneur Lab and received the support of Ubisoft. Time Breacher game can be played on the phone as well as on the computer, we can also use a console!

The story of the Time Breachers play to earn game takes place far ahead of today’s history. Humanity has begun to bend space-time, and they can teleport to different worlds and times. We will take our characters called Uchronian and go on a vast adventure in the Multiverse.

Time Breachers
Time Breachers

There are 4 different characters in the game. We will send these characters to a world of our choosing and collect resources by fighting sometimes against the computer and sometimes against real opponents. There are worlds at different levels, and there are some conditions to be able to go to these worlds.

The worlds are divided into different sectors. There are 5 to 8 worlds in each sector. Depending on the level of our account, we can go to worlds in different sectors and collect more resources. The worlds within the sectors are also divided into 3; free to play – world where anyone can enter and collect resources, a restricted world where only players with a certain level can enter, and a world with pvp players challenging each other on the leaderboard.

In these worlds, we can do various tasks and collect resources and increase our level. In addition to the level of our character, we can also increase the level of the Faction we are included in and earn extra rewards.

There are 3 types of factions in the game. Each of them has separate duties.


As we kill our opponents, we have the chance to reduce the nfts that can be bought and sold in the market, as well as the resource used in the game called time fluid.

Nfts have many important uses in the game.

Artifact is used to obtain Uchronian nft characters. With 3 artifacts, 1 uchronian can be produced.

The Time Cube is used to produce Artifacts.

Time Breachers has built a play-win game, a single-coin economy. The Time Stones ($TST) coin will also be used for many productions in-game. The vesting period of Time Stones coin is determined as 4 years.

Time Breachers especially puts its users who join the game early in a separate place. There are many measures they have developed so that the game is not pay to win. Nft sales, marketplace access, and special tournaments for people who have been following the game for a long time or have invested early are just some of these incentives and measures. In addition, they follow a different strategy to prevent inflation and to prevent the number of nfts produced from getting out of control and becoming worthless: The amount of nft and coins in the world can be produced in direct proportion to the number of players in that world. So a large army will not be able to go and collect a large booty.

The burning mechanics of the game are also very attractive. We can obtain certain amounts of Time Cubes nfts and Time Fluids from the resource by burning Artifact and Uchronian nfts. Besides these resources, DAO score is obtained and DAO score will be required for attending special in-game events, participating in private De Fi pools, joining Guilds.


Battlepass is a very popular membership system in the game world. Time Breachers play and win game also uses this system. There are 3 different Battlepasses. More resources can be obtained according to these membership forms. With Free Battlepass, anyone can join the game for free without any investment.

Time Breachers has started its closed Alpha process and they are holding a tournament as well. First place will receive $500, second $300 and third $200. In order to access Alpha, you need to fill out a special form and be accepted. If you want to participate in the tournament and compete with other players on the Time Breachers leaderboard and qualify for the free prize, don’t forget to join our Discord server. We will be holding sweepstakes for both pre-sale and Alpha access on our Discord server.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/timebreachers
Website: https://www.timebreachers.gg/
White Paper: https://docsend.com/view/itysi9yx2dxr6b9e
Medium: https://medium.com/time-breachers

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