Spider Tanks

Spider Tanks play to earn game is a pvp brawler type game developed by Gala Games and it is completely free to play. Gala Games is one of the leading companies in the blockchain industry. We need to have a Metamask wallet in order to be able to play the games of Gala Games, which works on the basis of the Ethereum network, and to earn money. Afterwards, we can create an account on Gala Games and play Spider Tank completely free of charge and earn money.


Spider Tanks, as the name suggests, is an action game where we fight our opponents with spider-like tanks. There are many different types of tanks in the game. While some tanks are created by combining body parts called ‘body’ and top guns called ‘weapon’ separately, some tanks are offered as a set. The body parts determine the mobility of the tanks. Some body parts allow tanks to move fast but have less health, while some body parts make tanks move slower but have higher hit points. The situation is different in the tanks in set form, the parts are not evaluated separately. They have fixed features.

Weapons are the most important part of the game. Weapons completely determine the strategy and gameplay. Some weapons only do little damage from afar, while others do only high damage up close. In addition, there are 2 special powers that we can use. Special powers have a certain energy consumption cost and reuse time. So while we can use our main weapon in a row, we need to recharge and wait for it to reload before we can use our special powers. There are many different special powers in the game: teleporting, throwing weapons that are deployed on the ground and shooting at enemies, pulling our opponents with a hook, creating a regeneration area are just some of them. In order to find the most suitable special power for our game strategy, we can change our special powers by going to the Garage section in the game.

The games take place in the form of 3v3 matches and there are various game modes. There are many different types of encounters such as area defense, collecting eggs from various regions and delivering them into baskets, making a moving robot reach its target… The most important element of winning the game is the team. The more synergy the team acts, the higher the win rate. Spider Tanks is a play to earn game with a completely skill-based game dynamic. The most important part of earning money in the game is both killing opponent tanks and winning the match. Sometimes the player who disables the most tanks may not be able to earn money because the required task could not be completed and lost the match. The rarity level is what makes the monetization rates and one tank stronger than the other. However, with the right strategy, a tank of the highest rarity can be disabled by a tank of the lowest rarity.


You can play Spider Tanks play to earn game completely free of charge without any investment. The game offers the simplest scholarship system ever seen. All you need is a Gala Games account to borrow tanks that people with NFT have rented to other players and earn money completely free of charge. After that, you can download Spider Tanks play to earn game from the Gala Games website and start playing for free. You just need to enter the game and press the ‘Play’ button. Here you will be given a random rarity tank and the game will start when the other 5 players are connected. If you are successful and win the game, you will earn some SILK coins. The SILK coins you earn will be sent to your account by Gala Games. You need to transfer the SILK coins sent to your account to the Gala network in the Inventory section of your account. The gala network is called ‘GYRI’. After bridging the coins transferred to the Gala network to the Etherium network, you can convert them to dollars in exchanges such as Uniswap and MEXC. However, you should pay attention here, while bridging the coins to the Etherium network, a transaction fee must be paid with some Gala coins. So don’t forget to send some Gala coins to your account beforehand.

Spider Tanks is a very enjoyable play to earn game. In addition, community members are actively talking on Discord. Don’t forget to visit both Gala Games’ and our Discord servers to talk about your ideas on the Spider Tanks game and how you defeated your enemies.

⇒ Spider Tanks Web: https://www.spidertanks.game/

⇒ Spider Tanks Discord: https://discord.gg/gogalagames

⇒ Spider Tanks Twitter: https://twitter.com/GoGalaGames

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