SHRAPNEL: A Fresh Breath into the Gaming World is an FPS game designed by leading producers in the gaming industry, combining with blockchain technology. Supported by renowned investors and advisors such as Ken Cron, Dimitri Jonson, and Mike Wilson, this game is generating significant excitement with its launch scheduled for December. Bearing the signature of the Emmy award-winning team behind legendary games like HALO, Call of Duty, and Westworld, SHRAPNEL aims to provide gamers with a unique experience.

Key Features of the Game:

Players take control of specialized operators equipped with gear tailored to their individual playstyles. These items include NFTs that are dropped upon the player’s death.

By engaging in risky missions, players have the opportunity to earn valuable items and NFTs. Additionally, there is a chance to compete not only against artificial intelligence but also against real players to earn rewards. The contents of the rewards offered at the end of the game following participation in risky missions will be revealed once the game is launched.

With CO-OP, PVE, and PVP modes, this game provides an enjoyable and lucrative gaming experience by allowing players to participate in mission-based and competitive modes.

Compound Sigma and Loot

Players can collect not only the equipment left behind by fallen operators during the action but also the mysterious Compound Sigma. The collected NFTs are transferred to the player’s permanent account, increasing their loot. Additionally, these sigmas within the game will grant players extra skill abilities.

Equipment Enhancement and Craft System:

Among the dropped NFTs, those featuring different gear allow players to upgrade their equipment and craft their outfits. Players explore various combinations to customize their characters. They can control equipment such as helmets, night vision goggles, and more to personalize their characters. Weapons, helmets, and specific gear can be developed and evaluated not only on the marketplace but also in a secondary market. The SHRAP token will be used in the weapon and equipment enhancement systems. The SHRAP token plays a significant role in character development within the game. The token will be utilized as a fee during the transfer of NFTs to the market, both in-game and out-of-game, extending the lifespan of the SHRAP token.


Tournament and Competition:

Players can organize tournaments among themselves and set up prizes. Additionally, they can participate in comprehensive tournaments organized by SHRAPNEL, providing them with the chance to win substantial rewards. Reputation System: Players earn overall Reputation Points by participating in innovative events in SHRAPNEL. The game offers special rewards to high-scoring players based on their achievements in Creation and Community areas. Weekly Rewards and Packages: Purchased packages reward players with weekly prizes as they play the game. These rewards include in-game advantages, exclusive NFTs, and more. With its innovative approach, blockchain integration, and competitive atmosphere, SHRAPNEL aims to provide gamers with a unique FPS experience. Those anticipating its launch in December can expect an adventure eagerly awaited by gaming enthusiasts. You can explore more blog posts on our website.


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Great project, can’t wait to play it


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