Road to Dreams

Road to Dreams is a set collection type play to earn game developed on the Wax network. In the game Road to Dreams, we play an informatics worker as a freelancer. On the path our character chooses, we will make decisions for him, advance him, make him an expert and make his dreams come true.


The name of the character we play in Road to Dreams is Bob. While working as a regular office worker at the same company for 3 years, Bob resigns due to mobbing, insufficient earnings and other problems at work. It also fails in new job search processes. After that, he sells his house and starts working as a freelancer with the capital he got from there.


There are some must-have nft items we need to play the game:


Room (your character’s rarity level or higher)

Order (Exactly the same as your character’s orientation and rarity)

8 different items (your character’s rarity level or higher)

After placing our character, 8 items and our order in the necessary compartments, we can start working. What we need to do for this is to give Bob the ‘work’ command. After a certain time, Bob will finish his work, his energy will decrease and he will give us RTD coins. The RTD coin will be used for in-game improvements and receiving new orders. However, the team states that they will increase the usage of the coin in-game.


Rooms are available in 5 different rarities and have different job completion times for each rarity. In addition, it is necessary for us to purchase a ‘subscription’. By purchasing ‘Subscription’, our income will be less than 5% of our character’s net earnings, but our uptime will increase.

Table 1 : The effect of rooms on net income and their working time when ‘subscription’ is purchased.

Table 2: Net income of the characters

Just like the rooms, our 8 items also affect our earnings.

Interior Items:

  • Computer Chair 
  • Table
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse Pad
  • Desk Lamp
  • Loudspeakers
  • Accessory

Interior Items:

Each item can be upgraded from level 1 to level 10. Leveling up items will affect our status and increase our earnings. When our status increases, we will be able to receive more than 1 order at a time. If we improve all our items by 1 level, our earnings will increase by the percentage shown in the table below.

Table 3: Effects of items on earning when all 1 level is upgraded.

When we increase the level of the items, the earning bonus, RTD coin fee per level, and the status points it gives change according to the rarity value. The table below shows only the bonus to be added to the earnings, the RTD coin price to be paid, the status points to be obtained when the level of common rarity items is improved. To see the bonuses of other rarities, you can go to the relevant page of the Road to Dreams whitepaper by click. The values shown in this table show the bonuses and costs that will be obtained when the level of all 8 items is increased by 1 step. If we want to know the bonus that a single item will give, we must divide the amount specified here by 8.

Table 4: Bonuses to be obtained when leveling up items.


Upgrading items will increase our status, which will allow us to work on the extra order. If we want to complete more than 1 order at the same time, we need to improve the level of our items. The following table (Table 4) shows the status points required for extra order slots and (Table 5) the RTD coin costs required to purchase new slots.

Table 5: Status points and number of extra order slots.

Table 6: Amount of RTD coins required to purchase extra slots.


Although Bob is a fictional character, he is a human being after all, and his work tires him out and consumes his energy. If we want Bob to continue working, we must replenish his energy. Energy replenishment is unfortunately not free. The amount determined for this is 1 RTD coin per 1 unit of energy. 1 Energy = 1 RTD Coin. Also, we start the game with a certain amount of energy given to us according to the rarity of our character. You can review the image that shows how much energy we will start the game with and how much energy we can store at most:

Table 7: Ready given energy and maximum energy amounts per character rarity.


Perhaps the most important of the game mechanics is orders. Each Order card has a rarity payoff. Most importantly, each Order card, regardless of its rarity, has a total of 24 uses. After 24 transactions, our Order card is burnt and we need to buy a new order card if we want to continue playing the game.

Order cards must be of the same rank as our character’s rarity and must be of the same type as our character’s business type. Accordingly, our character works in Rare rarity and Programming. So we can only work with Rare rarity IT Order card. Order cards can be purchased from the Atomichub marketplace. Instead, you can buy chests in the game, but the chests you get in the game also contain all 3 Order card types. In other words, the Order card may not come out of the chest you purchased, which is suitable for your character’s business type.

Table 8: Earning amount of orders

The table below shows the sales prices of the boxes with Order cards in the game.

Tablo 9: Order kart içeren sandıkların oyun içi RTD coin bedelleri.


There is a crafting system in the game that allows us to obtain nfts of new rarity. To upgrade our holding nfts to higher rarity, lower rarity nfts and some RTD coins are required. If we want to make the common nft set we have rare, we will both burn our common set and pay some RTD coins. For more detailed information on this ( ) you can click here.

Merchant’s Skill

The Merchant’s Skill mechanic designed to earn an extra income in this mechanical game works as follows. There will be 2 special days to be determined by the game makers: Manager’s Day and Bonus Day. According to the amount of shopping we made on Manager’s Day, a certain percentage will be increased in our earnings on Bonus Day.

Table 10: The returns on the Bonus Day of the expenses made on the Manager’s Day

The atmosphere of Road to Dreams, consisting of deep mathematics and pleasant visuals, seems appealing. However, it should be noted that the team has not yet received verification from Atomichub, the trusted market of the Wax network. Is it necessary to get verification from Atomichub? You are welcome to our Discord server to discuss topics such as how important this is!



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