Rebel Bots

Rebel Bots

Rebel Bots Xoil Wars is a card and strategy nft game that will come to life on the Polygon network. The team of the game consists of experienced game makers who have worked with popular game companies such as Gameloft. The most striking of the companies that support the game is Ubisoft. The Rebel Bots play to earn game, which signals that it will have a successful infrastructure in technical terms, has a sci-fi story (lore).


Our game takes place in 2052. Humans have created robots just like themselves to do everyday tasks and serve humans. However, in the summer of the same year, a formation that destroyed the robots grew and made people afraid of robots, causing a war against the robots on Earth. 10000 robots remained from this war. The remaining robots are also referred to as ‘Rebel Bots’, which form the Resistance forces. Rebel Bots escaped from humans with the instinct of survival and left Earth to seek a new planet for themselves.

Over the years, robots get rusty and need oil to repair their parts. The planet Xoilium, which is rich in Xoil element, which is the raw material of petroleum, will be the new home of robots.

However, the resource wars showed itself here as well, and the robots took over some regions and established kingdoms in order to have more Xoils and started to fight with each other. Thus, the robot wars called ‘Xoil Wars’ began.

How to play Rebel Bots?

There are various methods to play Rebel Bots nft game and earn money. The first of these is to have a kingdom: Kingdom NFTs, referred to as Rebel Bots NFT, offer us the opportunity to provide a passive income, and also have the feature of being a profile photo that we can use in the game.Having Rebel Bots nfts of different rarity will also increase our income in the game.

Rebel Bots nfts are sold via Opensea.

Other nfts we need to have in order to earn money from the Rebel Bots nft game are Land and Fighting Bots. Lands, which we will buy on Opensea or on the game’s own site, gives us 3 Fighting Bots. It is not possible to earn money from Rebel Bots play to earn game without Land and 3 Fighting Bots.

Rebel Bots Game Mechanics

Rebel Bots nft game is both strategy – card game and base building type. Each land is located in a different habitat and has several buildings:

  1. Headquarters – We can communicate with other Kingdom players
  2. Fighting Bots Barracks – We can train our army of Fighting Bots
  3. Fighting Bots Factory – We can create new Fighting Bots and store parts
  4. Xoil Silo – We Can Purify and Store Xoil
  5. Spark Capacitor – We Can Store Spark
  6. Parts shop – We can buy and store the parts for which we will manufacture the robots
  7. Intel Command – We can get updates about the game.

In order to earn money in the Rebel Bots play to earn game, we will engage in battles against the computer (adventure) or against real-time players (pvp) with the robots we will build in our lands.

Rebel Bots

In order to earn money in the Rebel Bots play to earn game, we will engage in battles against the computer (adventure) or against real-time players (pvp) with the robots we will build in our lands.

There are 3 different types of robots in the game: Military, Industrial and Engineer. These 3 types are structured to be superior and weak against each other. Each robot consists of 5 parts and each part creates a card that we will use in the game. Cards also have rarity levels, with rarer cards being more powerful. The most important part to pay attention to here is; After the robots are created, their parts cannot be changed again. So we have to be very careful while creating our robot. In addition, robot production costs increase after each production. However, the production costs are reset every season.

In order to produce a robot, we must have 5 different parts (Head, Torso, Right and Left Arm, Legs), Spark, Xoil, RBLS coins. As we earn these materials from the game, we will produce robots and we will fight with these robots again. There is also the possibility of winning a part of a robot owned by the opposing team in our battles against real opponents!

Rebel Bots: Xoil Wars play to earn game promises us an enjoyable game performance. They also draw attention with their strong communities that they have built for 1 year. This is definitely a game to watch this year. Stay tuned for more information about Rebel Bots play to earn game.

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