Play2EarnTR NFT Collection

Play2EarnTR NFT Collection is a blog nft collection that offers special deals for Holders. Great rewards await our users who have Access Card Nfts.

Currently, only our Atomichub collection is available from the following collections.

You can access our collection by clicking on the Atomichub NFT Collection link.

Access Card: Access Card was distributed free of charge to our long-time followers. Access cards are limited to a maximum of 75 cards.

No more than 75 will be produced. 15 of our cards were distributed to our followers. The remaining 60 pieces will be sale with a fee of $15.

Access Card Features:

  • Information about all blockchain games on private discord server.
  • Special giveaway for monthly Access Card holders.
  • Right to get whitelist from NFT projects.
  • No game is recommended without our personal investments.

Early Bird Card:Only 100 mints of this card have been minted. No more will be minted.

Card Detail: This card is used as a login card for you to join the private channel where we have discussions about the blockchain.

Access Card holders do not have access to their private channels.

Small giveaway for cardholders.

Master Card: It is an NFT card designed to take advantage of our website’s advertising services. Master Card is only used by the project owners. 

However, this card will be limited to 2 public drops in certain weeks. Users who buy from public sales can sell this card to project owners. After the drop, you have to sell this card on the market.

The card will not have any function if it is sold with a transfer or back token in exchange for NFT.

Project owners who have this card benefit from the following advertising services.

  • 1 week homepage banner
  • 1 week blog page banner
  • 1 week course page banner
  • Turkish and English Article
  • Sharing on the 1.6 million reddit group. +  other reddit groups
  • Twitter post. Discord post
  • Twitter + Discord giveaway (optionel)

Expert Card :  This card is designed to take advantage of the advertising services of our website. It is used only by the project owners.

This card will always remain open for sale. It will be sale for a $10 fee. 

Card Detail: 

Project owners with this card can use it to update the content they have received from us. 

  • 1 day update banner
  • Article update
  • Twitter update


Rookie Card:  This card is designed to take advantage of the advertising services of our website. It is used only by the project owners.

Sometimes it will be sale on a limited basis in public sales. You can only sell this card to other project owners on the market. The locking token does not fulfill the function of the card when nft swaps are made.

  • 4 days home banner
  • Sharing in reddit groups
  • 3 days blog page baner
  • Twitter, Discord post
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