Metavillage is an energy management – city building type of play to earn game developed on the Wax blockchain network. Most games developed on the wax network have very limited mechanics in terms of player controls. Metavillage has aimed to overcome this monotony as a play to earn game. We will animate a villager in the Metavillage, which is very enjoyable in terms of gameplay and contains different mechanics, and we will both improve the possibilities of our village and earn money by doing activities such as farming, mining, fishing, lumberjacking in our village.

There are 2 currencies in Metavillage play to earn game. One of them is a coin that we can buy and sell on the wax blockchain network, while the other can only be used for in-game trading. So how do we make money from Metavillage play to earn game?

There are nft items with many different features in the game. As a result of the use of each item, it is produced from the resources we need in the game. Except for farming, every production we do consumes our energy. In addition, the items have a certain durability, and the items that have expired need to be repaired.

  • Axe: By chopping down trees with the Axe, we get the ‘Wood’ resource needed to increase durability and repair items. This mechanic is called ‘Lumberjacking’ in the game.

  • Pickaxe: By going to the mines with a Pickaxe, resources such as ‘Stone’, ‘Iron’, ‘Gold’, ‘Diamond’ are collected. These resources can be sold in the in-game market or used to craft new items. This activity is called ‘Mining’.

  • Fishing Rod: By selling the fish we catch with the Fishing Rod in the in-game market, we can buy the materials needed to develop items, food and other consumables, as well as the ‘Mystery Box’, which contains various consumable items.

Land: People who own a Land have more item slots in the inventory section where they carry their items, and more space to plant crops.

  • NFT Pass: NFT Pass holders are entitled to participate in all sales organized by Metavillage play to earn game. In addition, it allows us to fill the energy we spend while doing activities in the game and to increase the level of our character faster.

  • NFT Gemstone: The NFT Gemstone item is available in 3 different types: Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby. Using these stones increases the durability of the items. Emerald %10, Sapphire %20, Ruby provide 30% extra durability for both tools.

In addition to these, there are also in-game items that we can buy from the in-game market and that we need to use in various events. In order to access the in-game market, we need to teleport to the market from the Teleport section.

Sharpening Stone: Required for Mining or Lumbering.

Bait: Required for fishing.

Seed: Necessary for farming and growing crops.

Lure: Increases fishing time by 30 seconds.


There are different activities in the game and different resources obtained as a result of these activities. Every production we do except farming consumes 25% of our energy.

Since we cannot produce anything without having energy, this is one of the mechanics we need to pay the most attention to in the game. There are 2 different ways we can produce energy:

  1. Having an NFT Pass allows us to passively replenish our energy.
  2. When we feed our character with the food we get by farming or buying from the in-game market, our energy is filled.

There are 4 basic activities that we will do in the game; Mining, Lumberjacking, Fishing, Farming.


In order to be able to mine, we need to have the Pickaxe tool and the item called ‘sharpening stone’. We can also use the ‘metal detector’ item to drop an NFT Gemstone with a 10% chance. When we enter the mine, the item ‘sharpening stone’ disappears and the durability of the Pickaxe tool is also reduced. After entering the mine, we have to wait 60 minutes to mine again, and the tool we use becomes unusable for 120 minutes. After 60 minutes we can mine again using another Pickaxe nft tool, if we have the energy.

In order to do mining, we enter the mine right next to our house. There are 4 doors in the mine. The door at the front of these is the door where we enter and exit the mine. The other 3 gates are the gates to mines of different difficulty levels.

When we enter the mine, we have a certain time depending on the difficulty level. We activate the digging process by coming to the stones to be excavated and pressing the ‘E’ key on the keyboard. Then we click with the left mouse button until the stones are completely broken. There are different mineral resources from which we can obtain different products. Here we need to dig for the resources we need.

The earnings we will get when we are mining differ according to the difficulty level of the mines. Level 1 mining is called the ‘safe level’. Level 1 mining does not result in any negative results, but we cannot get any additional bonuses either. Level 2 and level 3 mining can have harmful consequences for us, as well as we can get extra earnings. You can examine the gains and negative consequences of Level 2 and Level 3 mining in the tables below.


The amount of rewards we earn is influenced not only by the level of the mine, but also by the rarity of the items we use.

It is worth noting that the numbers here can be structured in the most appropriate way for the game economy after being examined in detail by the team before the game is launched. However, it should be noted that different rarities will receive proportionally different rewards.


In order to be able to lumber, we need to have the Axe tool and the item ‘sharpening stone’. Wood obtained by lumbering is used to repair the Pickaxe tool we use in mining. We can also buy wood from the in-game market, but cutting trees is 25% more profitable.

Lumberjacking is activated by going to a tree and pressing the ‘E’ key on the keyboard after putting the items needed to cut down trees in our inventory. Then the wood is collected by clicking the tree with the left mouse button until the Axe tool breaks. Here the wood collection time is longer compared to the different rarity levels of the Axe tool.

After lumbering, we have to wait 60 minutes before we can cut a tree again, and the Axe tool we use takes a waiting time of 120 minutes. After 60 minutes we can gather wood again using a different Axe. Of course, if we have enough energy!


In order to be able to fish, we need to have Rod nft tool and fish bait, which is an in-game resource called ‘bait’. We can go to the pier in front of our house and start fishing. Fishing takes 90 seconds and here we are shown random numbers, letters. We can catch the fish by pressing these numbers and letters shown in time. We can extend the fishing time by 30 seconds by using the item ‘lure’, which is also an in-game resource. We can fish again 60 minutes after fishing and the Rod nft tool we use becomes unusable for 2 hours. After 60 minutes we can fish again using another Rod. Of course, if we have enough energy!


Farming is the only mechanic in the game that does not consume energy and does not require the possession of any nft items. In order to do farming, we can go to the planting area in front of our house and plant the seed by pressing the ‘E’ key on the keyboard. Seeds can be obtained from the in-game market. The product will be collected 1 hour after planting the seed. Eating the food here gives us 13 energies.

Crafting, Repairing, and Improving Tools

Of the all NFT tools we use in the game Metavillage, only Pickaxe needs to be repaired. All other NFT items enter a 2 hour cooldown after being used and become usable again after 2 hours. NFT tools of different rarity have different repair costs.

If we have enough material on hand, we can also craft the Pickaxe NFT tool. For this, we need to have a certain amount of in-game resources and the NFT Pickaxe tool at a lower rarity level that we want to produce. NFT tools of different rarity have different crafting costs. Legendary Pickaxe, on the other hand, can only be obtained by Level 3 Mining. The Common Pickaxe cannot be crafted either, as it does not have an NFT of lower rarity.

In addition to the NFT crafting mechanic here, there is also a high risk and high reward crafting mechanic: Dangereous Craft! Dangereous Craft mechanics give us the opportunity to take a risky venture. For this, we can earn Legendary rarity Pickaxe by risking destroying 1 or 2 rare Pickaxe nft tools. If we try with 1 NFT of rare rarity, we will get a Legendary Pickaxe with a probability of 20%, and if we try with 2 NFTs of rare rarity, 40%. If it fails, the NFT tools are destroyed.

Metavillage offers us an interactive game playing experience in pixel art form with mechanics such as intense math calculations, risk taking and resource management. Indeed, as the team stated, it will be an unprecedented game-play on the Wax blockchain network. Moreover, the work on making the game a Metaverse continues. That’s why it’s called ‘Metavillage’! Don’t forget to follow the game’s Discord page to join the unique world of Metavillage play to earn game.



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