Metal Core

Metal Core

Metalcore Multiplayer Open world game information. Many play to win games today cannot satisfy the players visually. We can argue that the reason for this is that it is much more difficult to adapt the designed games to the blockchain network, or that there is a lack of professional game designers in the industry. Whatever the reason, Metalcore seems to have found the solution.

An open world multiplayer game with outstanding graphics, designed by Metalcore Umbrella Network. The reason why Metalcore’s graphics are so ambitious is due to the reputation of the graphic artist. Metalcore’s visual designer, Stephan Martiniere, is a Hugo Award-winning designer. Since 1953, the Hugo Awards have been awarded to the best science fiction and fantasy works of that year. In a dystopian world of Metalcore, astonishing visuals await us in the game where we will fight for territorial domination with various war machines and soldiers equipped with the latest technology.

Metalcore nft play to win game is designed by Studio 369 , which has made many successful productions such as Fortnite, The Walking Dead, Star Trek, Gears of War 3, Mortal Combat, Mech Warrior 2 and more. Metalcore will be implemented on the Polygon network.


Metal core is set in a dystopian future where humanity fled to an inhospitable planet 1000 light-years away because Earth was too polluted to live anymore. 3 factions have entered into a relentless struggle with each other to reach limited resources on this metal-rich planet. Our task is to build various war machines and vehicles from the prototypes we have found and designed and fight both against real-time players (pvp) and against the computer (pve). In return, we can earn FAB tokens that we can convert into real money by playing games, sell these nft game pieces we produce to other players or create passive income by renting our nfts to other players.



Metalcore has made its first nft sale. Early access to the game is expected towards the end of 2022.

If you want to have a Metalcore nfts, you can buy it from Opensea.

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