Mecha World

Mecha World is a sci-fi and post-apocalyptic themed play to earn game developed by the successful game maker FGL in the wax ecosystem. The game takes place in a distant future where humanity has exhausted all resources and living life has disappeared from the earth. While humanity was on the verge of this destruction, they developed artificial intelligence-supported robot animals to fill the lack of animals that were wiped from the world. However, after humans were wiped out from the Earth, these artificial intelligence-assisted animals called ‘Mecha’ started to take up arms and declared their dominance on Earth.

Mechas have very different purposes on Earth. While some try to regenerate living life on Earth, some use humanity’s war knowledge to gain an edge over other Mechas, while others provide the necessary parts and repairs for the Mechas to carry out their efforts. We will also draw a path for ourselves in this post-apocalyptic world of Mecha World.


In order to play Mecha World play to earn game, we need to have at least 1 Mecha body nft. There are many Mecha body nfts of varying rarity. However, there is no difference in terms of features. They differ only in appearance. So there is no difference in gameplay between a common rarity Mecha body and an epic rarity Mecha body. There are 3 different mechanics where we can earn money in the game: Quest, Battle, Land.

In the Quest section, we get a chance to send our Mechas on timed missions and earn FGL coins or NFT. We need to spend a certain amount of energy to send the Mechas we have to the Quest. Energy is regenerated by 0.25 units per hour for each Mecha owned. In addition, we can hold up to 4 energies per 1 Mecha we have. So if we have 1 Mecha, we can get 1 energy in 4 hours and at the end of 16 hours we reach the 4 energy limit and we cannot produce more energy without spending our energies. Mecha World play to earn game is one of the most important mechanics we need to pay attention to if we want to follow an energy-efficient process in the game.


There are 3 different Quests, each completed in different times, needing different amounts of energy, and having the chance to win FGL coins and NFT at different rates. In the table below, you can examine the duration of the Quest missions, the probability of earning FGL coins and NFT. Before examining the painting, make a note of our magic word: “Take”

Mecha World
Mecha World

Our chances of earning FGL coins in the Quest or NFT for free can be increased by increasing the level of our Mecha and installing Part nfts in our Mecha. Mechas gain a certain amount of experience points (xp) each time they go on a Quest mission. Even if our mechas are at 1 level, they can win FGL coins with a 50% chance, and when they reach a certain level, the chance of winning FGL coins increases even more. This increase is set at 1% per level. In this case, if we make our Mecha to level 50, we can earn FGL coins with 100% probability from Quest missions. You can check the leveling cost of Mechas in the table below. But first, note our second word: “control”

According to this table, the information showing how many FGL coins are required in total, how many experience points should be spent, and the total time to be spent in Quest missions to earn these level points are given in the table below.

In addition to the level, each piece we put in our Mecha will increase the chance of a certain percentage according to the rarity level of the Part nft, increasing our probability of winning NFT for free. FGL has developed a formula for calculating the chance of winning NFT:

(20 + (Mecha level x 0.8)) x increased chance with NFT items x chance of luck based on quest length

Increasing the level of mechas and installing Part nfts on Mechas requires spending certain amounts of FGL coins. In the table below, you can examine the effect of each installed Part nft on the luck factor. In the above formula, the “increased chance rate with NFT items” part is written by adding up the value of all nfts owned. For example; if we have 1 common, 1 uncommon and 1 Ultra Rare Part nfts, we must calculate by typing 2x + 3x + 6x = 12x. In addition to that, our third word: “of the”

There is a special Part nft that has another feature different from the others. ‘Battery Life’ Part nft increases the chance of finding nfts and also reduces the amount of energy spent on Quest missions. You can review the table that shows the energy savings in the Quest missions of the Battery Life Part nft.

Each nft installed to mechas increases the chance at a certain multiplier rate, and decreases its durability at a certain rate. Nft Parts with reduced durability need to be repaired. If an nft Part with reduced durability is not repaired and its durability score becomes 0, we have to pay 10 times the repair cost for that nft to be used again. For part nft installation and repair fees, see the formulas below:

Part nft installation cost: Part nft rarity level x 10

Part nft repair cost: (Sum of total Part rarity) x (0.1 x Wear Points)

Each Part Nft has a different Wear Point. Repairing an uncommon item according to this formula will cost 2 x (0.1 x 50).


Mecha World offers us a single player game experience as well as a pvp game experience where we will fight real opponents in real time. We participate in battles by paying a certain amount of FGL coins. A part of the FGL coin cost we pay when entering the battles goes to the Arena owners, and the rest goes to the winner(s). This mode, which can be played with up to 4 people, can also be played with a minimum of 2 people. We fight our opponents by playing a kind of dice game. But this is not the dice game you know. It uses the kind of dice familiar to those who have played Dungeons & Dragons or other fantasy role playing games before. We play a kind of game of chance, in which dice with 4, 8, 10, 12, and 20 faces are used, including the usual 6-sided cube dice. And we write the last word of the sentence required for participation in the prize draw: “world”

The basic logic of the game is to choose the dice that we think are the most suitable by rolling the dice, respectively, and collect points. Although it may seem simple at first glance, Mecha World plunges us into an experience where we need to strategize and make careful decisions. We have 10 seconds to choose 1 dice. We have to think fast and make quick decisions.

There is a dice selection process that is used only as points in the game, and a dice selection process that is selected as a special power. Special powers enable our opponent / opponents to make moves to get less points than us. In the 2nd round of the game, we choose our special power dice. You can examine which dice have what power from below.

  1. RALLY: Allow a reroll of your own scoring dice (can be saved until next turn if needed)
  2. TORMENT: Unlock a locked die from an opponent of your choice.
  3. STAGGER: 1 opponent of your choice is unable to roll one of their dice for the next round. If they have only 1 unlocked die left, they need to skip the turn.
  4. STAB: Remove 1 point of an opponent’s total score.
  5. LIGHTNING: Unlock 1 random die from everyone (excluding yourself)
  6. HAUNT: Make 1 of a chosen opponent’s unlocked dice invisible for 2 rounds so they don’t know what value is rolled.
  7. JOKER: Swap a locked die with an unlocked one (of your own dice, can be saved until next turn if needed)
  8. PUNISH: Pick an opponent and lock in their lowest value die from their last roll. (for example, if they rolled a 2 on their D20)
  9. RESTORE: Add 1 point to the player’s total score. Can be stacked. 
  10. IMMOLATE: Blow up the lowest-value die of one of your opponents dice. It will be gone and no longer counts towards their total end score. 
  11. GUARD: +2 to your entire roll value (at the end of the game). Can be stacked. 
  12. POISON: An opponent of your choice keeps getting a -1 score at every turn. So if there are 3 turns left until the end of the game, then this player would get -3 of their total score.

Note: All effects are instant, except RALLY and JOKER. After these effects occur, your turn ends and the next player’s turn begins.

Part nft items we wear on our mechas also give us an edge in battles. If we don’t have any Part nfts in our Mecha, we can roll the power dice once. This number increases for each nft part we put on our mecha. Its calculation is as follows:

Effect of part nft item on power dice: Sum of luck multipliers of part nfts / 10. (decimal results are rounded up).

Example: Suppose we have 1 Uncommon, 1 Rare, 1 Very Rare and 1 Ultra Rare Part nft. The nft chance effects of 3x for Uncommon, 4x for Rare, 5x for Very Rare, 6x for Ultra Rare are summed up: 3x + 4x + 5x + 6x + 7x. = 18x. This number is divided by 10. 18/10 = 1.8. The decimal result is rounded up. 2 is obtained. Even though we didn’t have any Part nft, we had 1 right. With these 2 rights, we can roll a total of 3 power dice.

Mecha levels increase the chance of gaining FGL in Quest missions and are also effective in battles. When we reach the determined level thresholds, we get the opportunity to roll more power dice together. You can view the table showing how many power dice can be rolled together at which level.

In addition, if you have a Draco Dice, you can use one of these dice in each battle to enter the battle with 1 extra 12-sided dice, regardless of your Mecha level.


If you own a Land nft in the game, you can build 1 Arena or 1 Workshop on this Land, and you can get a certain share of the FGL coin costs paid in the wars or the FGL coin costs paid for the Part nft mounting fees. Building a building is also charged with a certain amount of FGL coins.

FGL team has signed yet another stunning game with its details. Mecha Worlds play to earn game offers an incredible experience both in terms of atmosphere and gameplay. Even the music played during the war has been carefully prepared for us to breathe this post-apocalyptic atmosphere. If you want to join the unique game experience and interesting atmosphere of Mecha World, you can join our Discord servers.

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