kingdom clash

What is Kingdom Clash?

Kingdom Clash is a strategy-based play and win game available on the WAX ​​network, also known as the “king of NFTs”. If you’ve played strategy-based games like Travian or Clan Wars before, Kingdom Clash will be no stranger to you. As you know, Travian and Clan Wars are strategy games that you can play through a web browser, attack and loot other players’ villages, and also take over other players’ villages by fighting your community. Kingdom Clash is developed by a group of crypto enthusiasts who love this style of web-based strategy games.

kingdom clash
kingdom clash

How to Play Kingdom Clash?

In order to play the game, you need to own land. After starting the game, we come across 3 different races that we have to choose. Each race has strong and weak points, you can choose the race that best suits your style and start the game. There are 5 different tokens in the game that you can earn from wood, food, gold, stone and land. If you bought land, you can play the game without buying other buildings.

Each building has a level, the more you improve the buildings, the higher your earnings will be. To improve buildings, you need to have certain amounts of other tokens. If you do not have enough tokens to upgrade your building, you can buy the token and amount you need from the token market of the WAX ​​network Alchor Exchange for WAX.

At the moment ,you can only improve your buildings in the game, with the upcoming update, you will be able to produce soldiers, loot other villages and earn tokens.

With the update that everyone is looking forward to, the season prize of 200,000 WAX races will have started for all players.

With a prize pool of 200,000 WAX, the Kingdom Clash web-based strategy game aims to create a fun competitive environment where players can level up their buildings, produce soldiers, fight each other and earn tokens.

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