How to Create Wax Wallet

How to Create Wax Wallet?

”How to create wax wallet?” Setting up a wax wallet is actually very simple. You can learn how to set up a wax wallet in just a few steps, and you can set up a wax wallet.

First, let’s go to

This site is the home page for the wax wallet login. There are different options to create a wax wallet on this screen.

How to Create Wax Wallet
How to Create Wax Wallet

Creating Wax Wallet with Social Networks

From here, you can easily create a wax wallet by clicking on the icon of the social network you want to use. I prefer to use your google mail. It’s safer.

Once you complete this step, you will receive a confirmation. They should be required to tick the boxes and ‘Accept and Continue’.

You have successfully completed the first step to create a wax wallet. However, you need to pay 5 WAXP to create a wax wallet.

How to Create Wax Wallet by Paying 5 WAXP

If you have a Coinbase account, you can activate your wax wallet by sending $5 to your account with the ‘pay with coinbase’ option. However, this method is quite expensive. Instead, it would be more appropriate to send waxp to your account from an exchange where you can buy the waxp token. Do not forget to fill in the memo section when sending waxp to your account. The best payment method is to transfer from your Binance account.

”How to create wax wallet?”

Funding Address and Memo

When you send wax via Binance, you will need to write this account in the account section. Then, after typing the memo part, your account will be active within 2 minutes of sending the fee.


It is your wallet address at the top right of the screen that comes up. ”nwv.u.c.wam” On the screen you see, click on the Resources section from the options on the right. The basic need for you to use your wax wallet fully is ram and cpu. RAM, you need to stake to store multiple nfts in your account. The CPU is required for the transcation operations you will do when you play any game. Your can stake 15 wax on both of them for a start.

Can stakes be recovered?

Yes, you can get your stakes refund. We need to go to this address to get ram and cpu stakes in our wallet.

1- ) Connect your wallet from the login option in the upper right.

2-) Select the Wallet section from the category options above

3- Click on Stake/CPU/Net from the categories on the left.

4- Click on Unstake from the options that appear.

5- Then choose which one you want to unstake and that’s it.

Not: You cannot withdraw all the stakes in your wallet at once.You can try 70% first, then 30%. Stakes are transferred to your wallet within 2 or 3 working days. Don’t worry, it may take some time.

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