Golden Hills

Golden Hills , NFT play to earn games have been released in many different themes. Golden Hills is developing a cowboy-themed NFT play to earn game we’ve never seen before on the WAX ​​blockchain.

Golden Hills Game Play

There are many different mechanics in Golden Hills NFT  play to earn game. There are 4 different resources that we can use in the game. These resources are: Food, Bourbon, Gold, License. We will obtain these resources by placing various NFT buildings on NFT lands, called Town Hall in the game. NFT buildings are; Farm, Saloon, Gun Shop, Sheriff Office.

Farm building is required to earn food

Saloon building is required to earn Bourbon

Gold Mine building is required to earn Gold

In order to earn a license, we need to have the Sheriff Office building NFTs.

In Golden Hills NFT play to earn game, there are various character improvements that we can use the resources we earn from the buildings.

We need to strengthen our cowboy NFT character with various NFT items so that we can win in duels, group fights and chaotic fights and gain experience points.

Each item of our cowboy develops a different feature of him.

Jacket – Increases stamina and defense

Weapon – Increases attack power

Pants – Increases stamina and defense

Shoes – Increases stamina and defense

When our cowboys gain enough experience points, they are qualified to participate in weekly tournaments. We need to be a member of 1 gang for weekly tournaments. Every Saturday, the 32 gangs with the most experience points will be automatically registered for the weekly tournament. They will participate in the tournament every Sunday and compete for various prizes.


In addition, we can send our cowboys to travel for a certain period of time and win various prizes.

The cowboy-themed Golden Hills NFT play-to-win game, which we will see for the first time on the WAX ​​blockchain network, seems to provide us with a different play-to-win game experience by offering various playing dynamics. Do not forget to take your place in this notorious world of the wild west.

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