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Today, there are games of different genres that will appeal to players from all walks of life. There are also many games in different categories in the play to earn area. But Farming Tales is a game genre that will appeal to everyone from young and old alike: a farming game.

Farming Tales is a play to earn game developed on the wax network. We play as farmers in the game. We give our chickens, geese, goats and pigs the necessary water and feed the and collect the products to sell them to the market and earn money. But there’s something interesting about Farming Tales: Income from Farming Tales are used to support real-life farmers. So how to play Farming Tales play to earn game?


In order to play Farming Tales, we first need to have a wax wallet. You can check our related article to learn how to create a wax wallet. To start the game, you must have at least 2 nfts. These nfts can be hen and coop, pig and stable. In other words, we can start the game with a building where we can put 1 animal and 1 animal. After receiving our Nfts, we can go to and log in with our wax wallet and start playing Farming Tales and earning money.

Another feature that distinguishes Farming Tales play to earn game from many other games on the wax network is that the game is played with the WASD keys of the keyboard. So we have a 3rd person farm game in front of us! Besides, our first word is ‘Life’. To exit the WASD mode and access the clickable areas, we must press the ‘Q’ key on the keyboard. When we first open the game, our farmer, who is ready to do all kinds of work, greets us.

Farming Tales
Farming Tales

There are several areas we can interact with in our virtual farm in Farming Tales play to earn game: the tractor on the left, the wood cutting area on the right, the market in the garage, the gramophone inside the house, the front of the barn, the kennel right in front of the house, the water tank on the right, the pond where we can go fishing, beehives, the area where we can plant flowers and build a greenhouse. When you come in front of these places, you will see a green flashing circle. That green circle shows the areas where we can interact in Farming Tales play to earn game. If you go over this green field and press the ‘E’ key on the keyboard, you can interact. In order to use the nfts we have in the game, we can interact with the tractor by pressing the ‘E’ key and start placing our animals and the buildings where we will put our animals in them. When we interact with the tractor, a zone separated by squares will appear as you can see in the image below. Here, we can first place the buildings where we will place our animals, and then we can place the appropriate animals in the appropriate buildings. Remember that a chicken should be in the coop, not in the stable. You have to be careful which animal and which building you buy, just as you will be careful with our next word: ‘in New Waxchester’.

After placing our buildings and animals here, the most important thing we should pay attention to is not to leave them hungry and thirsty. If we leave our animals hungry or thirsty in the digital farm of the Farming Tales play to earn game, fortunately our animals do not die, but they do not produce anything either. If we want to get efficiency from our farm, we must always meet our water and feed needs. So how do you get water and food in Farming Tales play to earn game?

Farming Tales has developed a system that will keep the economy in balance for the acquisition of water, the most basic resource in the game. When we go to the water tank on the opposite side of our house (called Silo in the game) and interact with the ‘E’ key, a window greets us as you can see in the image below.

If we have enough CBIT coins, we can fill our water tank (50 CBIT) and food tank (5 CBIT). What is CBIT coin, how to earn?

Farming Tales play to earn game has 2 currencies: SEST and CBIT. Both coins are available at, the official exchange of the wax network. So what are the in-game uses of SEST and CBIT coins? We can earn SEST coins by selling the products we get from our animals to the market. In addition, we need CBIT coin to meet our need for water and food. This is where the economic infrastructure that makes Farming Tales long-term and sustainable is shaped. There is only one way to earn CBIT coin, which is the most basic need of the game: staking SEST coin. To access this section, we must click on the ‘Main Wallet’ text on the right side of the screen. When we click here, the screen you will see in the image below will welcome us.

We need to deposit the SEST coin purchased from into our wallet. For this; we need to enter the amount in the field opposite the ‘Deposit’ section and click on the ‘Deposit’ text in the ‘Main Wallet SESTs’ section. After giving the necessary approvals, our coins will appear in our wallet. After this process, we enter the amount we want to stake in the space next to the ‘Stake SESTs’ text on the right, click the ‘Stake SESTs’ button and give the necessary approvals.

Here, you earn a certain amount of CBIT coin, 1 distribution per 12 hours, based on the amount of SEST coin we stake. This ratio is calculated by the SEST coins you stake to the pool of all staked SEST coins. I staked some SEST to show you the numbers, but the pool is so large that exponential mathematical expressions are used to calculate my rate.

With the CBIT we earn by staking SEST coin into the game, we can use it to fill the water and food tank. One way to get what we produce is to come to the interaction area where we place our buildings and animals in front of the tractor and click on the buildings one by one. If you don’t want to deal with this, you can come and interact with the green circle right next to the tractor and get them all at once. However, this is possible with a certain CBIT expenditure. So you can save time by paying some CBIT coins. However, it will always be more fun to collect your items one by one for a more intense gaming experience. What we need to pay attention to here is whether the capacity of our barn is enough or not. As you can see in the top left, the game gives us a 50-unit barn at the beginning. This capacity can be increased with the barn nft item. If your capacity is full, when you collect your products, the amount exceeding the capacity will be wasted. So don’t forget to keep an eye on your barn and make a note of our last word: ‘is Beautiful’.

Farming Tales play to earn game offers us a very enjoyable farming simulation experience as it is. However, the game is not limited to this and a new update will come soon: New Waxchester! New Waxchester is the next phase of the game. By processing the raw materials we produce in our farm, we will be able to turn them into various goods such as Flour, Cookies, Beer, Toys, Gelatin, Olive Oil, Clothes. For this, we need to have a special building where we will produce that product. For example, we need to have a Windmill to make Flour, and a Laboratory to make Fruit Juice. We will be able to convert and sell the raw materials we produce on our farm into various commercial products in these buildings. In addition, a new stake pool is being developed and will reward SEST coin or CBIT coin stakers with their newly issued AUREUS coin.

Farming Tales play to earn game has adapted a farming type game that most of us have played to the blockchain and continues to progress quite successfully in this. Moreover, supporting real-life farmers with a portion of the income of the game is an unprecedented example of the interaction of the blockchain world with the real world. Don’t forget to join our discord server to have more information about Farming Tales and not miss any updates.




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