Elsverse World

Elseverse World  is a Metaverse project developed in the Etherium network. The prominent features of Elseverse project; The presence of an experienced developer team, offers free investment to its followers who support the project early and the game itself is Free to Play.

Many different gameplay mechanics have been developed in the Elseverse World Metaverse. The game is played particularly through NFTs called Land. The most basic mechanics of the game is to capture the dragons, rise and fight these dragons. In order to capture the dragon, we must prepare traps using certain materials and be patient. The basic material used in the construction of the trap and running all the buildings that run our city is a mine called Juice. In addition to Juice, there are several types of source types that we can use.

  • Juice: This is the most available resource in the Elseverse universe and we can use our hands to remove this mine or we can use various devices to extract it.
  • Crystal: It is a more rare and more expensive mine. It is used to build complex structures, weapons and traps. In order to get this mine, we need to use various equipment, but if we are lucky, we may come across a little while exploring in mines.
  • Ore: It is a mine that is widely found on the wall of the caves. It can be obtained with our hands or mining drones.
  • Wood: It is a type of resource that is often found in forests with simple hand tools or drones.
  • Food: It is obtained from plants. It is used for trap making and increasing the level of dragons.

All of the Land NFTs contain these sources, but according to the structure of the land, some of them are less than the other ones. Lands have various types of types called Biome, each of these species contains different sources.

Land Biomes

   Jungle: More Food and Wood, less Ore.

  Mountain: More Ore and Wood, Less Food

  Shoreline: More Food and Ore, Less Wood

All of the Lands are also available in Juice, Crystal and Dragons. The most interesting part of the project is that all these resources to be produced in the lands are NFTs. The economy of the game is based on these resources. In particular, these resources are limited and after a certain amount of resources are produced, the production rate of these resources will be reduced to half, just as in Bitcoin Halving. In addition, if the supply-demand balance is impaired as a result of the production of a resource less, this balance will be maintained by selling from the inventory that the team called ‘Treasury’.

Land NFTs are found in different amounts from these resources and dragons according to their rare levels. From the table below, you can examine the rare levels of the lands.

Elsverse World
Elsverse World


Dragons have a very important place in the universe. Dragons can be purchased from the in -game market, a dragon egg can be found while exploring, and dragons can be caught by building traps. The possibility of capturing a dragon with the traps is directly proportional to the level of our account, and our possibility of capturing may vary according to the rarity of Land. If we found an egg, we would need an incubator to hatch this egg. Other devices, such as incubation machines, are only tools for users with Land Nfts. However, the game also offers rental mechanics to non-Land Nft owner players. So if you don’t have the Land NFT, you can rent another Land owner’s land and hatch the dragon egg here. The hatching duration of the eggs varies according to the rarity of the dragons.

In order to be ready for battle, the baby dragon should be fed with food for 7 days. In addition, a special dragon habitat must be built in order to take care of baby dragons. Players who don’t own Land can also rent land from other players and build a dragon habitat. In addition, as we continue to feed our dragons, their levels increase and become stronger in battles. We can get the food by agriculture.

Dragons caught with a trap are not babies, but mature dragons. In order to set a trap, certain amounts of resources are required. Each trap has a certain rate of production process, resource requirement, possibility of capturing dragons, waiting time, and rarity of dragon to capture. Powerful traps are built in a longer period of time, require more materials, have more chances to capture a dragon and last longer. You can review this information about the traps from the table below.

Elseverse World is a promising project that offers very detailed game mechanics. Elseverse Play to Earn game has many supporters and received the support of very important investors. As Play2earntr, we organize a Whitelist giveaway for the Elseverse project. You can use the link below to participate in the giveaway.

Web:  https://elseverse.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ElseVerseWorld


OpenSea: https://opensea.io/ElseVerseOfficial

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