Crypto Shots

What is Crypto Shots?

Most of the play-to-earn games available on the Wax and Hive blockchains are 2D and relatively simple text-based games. Crypto Shots is a 3D FPS game that allows us to earn coins and NFTs while providing a fun gaming experience. Players who have played games such as Valorant and Half-Life before will be able to play the game easily.

Opportunity to Play Without Investment:

You may have heard of the Scholarship program, which is frequently used in play-to-earn games. What are they for unfamiliar users? How can I earn money as a Scholar? You can get information from the Crypto Shots blog: PEAK-D

How Can I Become a Scholar?

First of all, you should find a manager who has invested in the game. For this, after joining the CryptoShots Discord server, it will be sufficient to write “looking for teacher” in the “#scholar-offer” channel. Investors who have already invested in the game NFTs will allow you to earn money without investing yourself, the rewards are automatically split between the 2 parties.

You will only need to create a Wax wallet in order to start playing. To create a wax wallet you can simply sign up at using a social media account of yours. There is a 5 Wax creation fee charged by the network itself. It only needs to be paid once and you can then use the same wallet on multiple games.

After making an agreement with your manager, an NFT will be sent to your wallet by the game management. Thanks to this NFT, you can start earning the $BOOM token by playing the game at Play Crypto Shots . Want to know more about how scholarships work? Check out our article What is a Scholarship?

How Do I Invest in Crypto Shots?

Crypto Shots is a wide and comprehensive FPS game, that is under active development and constantly growing. As in every FPS game, bullets, shields, weapons, and characters are available. And unlike in traditional web2 games, in Crypto Shots these gaming assets are NFTs, used and fully owned by the player since they live on the Blockchain.

There are characters and weapons that are essential for you to start the game. The game is designed to be played for a max of 115 minutes per day. The more characters you have, the longer you can play. Weapons and characters have their own rarity. If you get NFTs with a good rarity, you can get more playtime or more rewards.

You will also need extra reward boosters to earn more tokens. The NFTs you need for 30 minutes of playtime are from AtomicHub (the official market of the Wax network) or from the Crypto Shots Hive Marketplace.

What You Need for 30 Minutes of Playtime

Crypto Shots Characters:

Vance Character: 3 Common (1 of them gives you 5 minutes and you can get a maximum of 4).

Masha Character: 1 Rare (1 of them gives you 15 minutes and you can get a maximum of 3 pieces).

Note: You can check the price lists and get whichever is more convenient for you. For example, if you buy 2 Masha characters instead of 3 Vance characters, it will be enough to play for 30 minutes.

Crypto Shots Weaponry

Base Gun: 1 (1 of them gives you 10 minutes of playing time and you can get a maximum of 2).

Laser Gun: 2 (1 of them gives you 5 minutes of game time and you can get a maximum of 10 pieces).

Laser Riffle: 1 (1 of them gives you 5 minutes of play time and you can get a maximum of 6 pieces).

Laser Shotgun: 1 (1 of them gives you 5 minutes of play time and you can get a maximum of 3 pieces).

Note: – All weapon durations must be equivalent or bigger than the character durations. Don’t be confused by the maximum numbers, the max playable time per day (shooting at drones) is still 115 minutes. For that amount of time, you must purchase tha max amount of all weapons. If you have less you’ll play a shorter amount of time per day. – Weapon durations will be removed in a future update, in order to make things simpler for new players.

You need an NFT called Shooting Traning to use the most powerful weapon. This Training NFT costs around 0.3 $ at the moment of writing. The type and amount of weapons that you have also affects your rewards. The more and the rarest you have, the more you earn.

Crypto Shots
Crypto Shots

Crypto Shots Ammo (Bullets):

Base Ammo: required to play – gives 10 ammo and you can have a maximum of 1.

Common Energy Cell: adds 5 more bullets – you can get a maximum of 3 pieces.

Rare Energy Cell: adds 10 more bullets – you can get a maximum of 2 pieces.

Epic Energy Cell: adds 40 more bullets – you can get a maximum of 1. Note that you don’t need to buy it for the first time. It’s up to you if you need it.

Crypto Shots Energy Condenser

Rarity: Common, Rare, Epic

Energy cells increase your gaming rewards with a different percentage based on rarity.
You can get a chance to earn some more coins by making a purchase. To get started, it will be enough to buy a Common condenser.

Crypto Shots Shields

Rarity: Common, Rare, Epic

Shields protect you from damage. You can start with only the lowest shield NFT to get started with a bit more protection from the enemies.

Other items

Shooting Training
Vance Skin
Masha Skin

Recommended amount: 1 of each.

Skins give you extra life and speed based on their rarity. Common = extra life and Rare = Additional speed on top of the speed given by the shift button.
The cost of these items at the moment writing is about $0.25.

If you are interested in earning with this game, you can buy NFTs to have at least 65 minutes of game time and find a scholar for yourself so that both you and him earn Wax tokens. Or if you wish, you can find a Teacher (Manager) and play and enjoy the game for free without any investment thanks to the Scholarships program.

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