Cross The Ages

Cross the Ages is a free-to-play nft game released in 2022. The game, designed by experienced developers in the game and blockchain industry, has the signature of 75 designers from different countries. Many of the designers are people who have designed for brands such as Star Wars, Game of Thrones, LOL, Marvel and DC Comics.

Cross the Ages, play to earn nft game has a deep story. The story, which has a narrative that blends fantasy and science fiction elements, depicts wars intertwined with magic and technology. We too will fight for the last remaining resources in this dystopian world. Cross the Ages play to earn nft game has 2 storybooks. You can read these books on Wattpad and take a closer look at the game’s deep story.

There are 3 resources in the Cross the Ages play to earn nft game. We will be able to obtain these resources from the matches we won in the game, as well as from the tournaments organized from time to time. If you’ve played games like Pokemon Cards or Magic: The Gathering before, you’re familiar with the ‘collectible card game’ universe. Cross the Ages offers us a very large collection. In order to defeat our opponents, we must collect the strongest cards and strengthen the cards in our hands with the ‘craft’ system in the game.

Cross the Ages had planned to open the pack for investors on September 24, 2022. Package sales were carried out on the Polygon network. Our game will be on the Immutable network. The launch of the game has been delayed due to some technical issues with the transfer from the Polygon network to the Immutable network. However, during this time, in order not to discourage the players, they started a tournament in which all players can participate, whether they own a pack or not. You can also participate in the tournament of Cross the Ages nft play and win game, you will experience the game and you can compete with your opponents for prizes total of 20,000 dollars.

Tournament prizes are limited to the first 10 people. Here are the awards:

Cross The Ages
Cross The Ages

How to Play Cross the Ages:

Cross the Ages Ultimate Guide:

Cross the Ages is a turn-based card play to earn game. In the game, we try to capture the cards of our opponents by placing our cards consisting of certain numbers and elements on the 4×4 board called Appologium. If you have played Checkers or GO before, you can get used to Cross the Ages mechanics more easily.

At the beginning of the game, each player starts the game by randomly drawing 10 cards from his 20-card deck. The ‘Leader’ we chose while creating our deck is in our hand as one of the 10 cards. During the match, we can change 3 of the cards in our hand. However, we can only change 1 card per turn. The total duration of the game is 5 minutes per player. So we have to think fast and make decisions.

Game Mechanics:


The cards placed on the board capture each other according to their numerical advantage. Elemental effects are shown on the heptagram. Accordingly, elemental cards that give each other an advantage make moves with a difference of 150 points. If 3 cards that are superior to each other are connected, all 3 cards gain 100 points on the board.


‘Affinity’ mechanic in Heptagram shows the elements that support each other. In the ‘Affinity’ relationship, which is expressed with a dashed purple line in the Heptagram, the elements do not make an advantageous move towards each other. Instead, if the cards that have an ‘Affinity’ relationship between them belong to 1 player, those cards are increased by 100 points on the board.

Moreover; When you put a card that has an Affinity relationship between them on the board, if you put it so that it touches your own card, first the Affinity relationship occurs, the card you play and the card that belongs to you on the board will increase by 100 points. The card you put down makes its move after it scores 100 points.

As we can see in this image, if you can make more than 1 affinity, the cards with an Affinity relationship will increase by 200 points.

Double Affinity:

If you capture your opponent’s card both by creating an Affinity relationship and by creating an Advantage relationship, you will have ‘Double Affinity’. Thus, the card with elemental superiority is increased by 200 points instead of 100 points.

If you meet the necessary conditions, you can create a chain reaction and capture more than 1 card with a single move. In order to do this, the cards you have captured must be superior in points to the other cards that they are in contact with.

Creating a Deck:


When creating our deck, we first choose a ‘Leader’. This card comes ready to hand as one of the 10 randomly drawn cards from our deck at the beginning of the game. So we can actually say that we draw 9 + 1 cards. When the Leader is placed on the board, he performs his special ability before making his move. There are 5 abilities in the game.

Banner of Command: If your leader belongs to you on the board, all cards you have with elemental characteristics of your leader get +30 points.

Reverse Capture Conditions: Before your leader lands on the board, he changes the direction of elemental dominances and point dominances in the Heptagram for 3 turns.

Gain Power While in Hand: Your leader gains 10 points for each turn you hold.

Power Mirror: When your leader lands on the field, it copies the score of the card with the highest score on the field. (Extra points earned on the field are not taken into account)

Buff Debuff Fields: Your leader increases the effect of the Field Card if the Field Card thrown on the field is the same as his element, if it is not the same element, it removes the effect of the Field Card.

The most important thing we need to pay attention to when creating a deck is the point limit allowed by the deck. The total of the cards in the deck must be a maximum of 10000 points, otherwise we will not be able to choose our deck and enter the game.

Field Cards: In addition to cards with certain points and elements in the collection, they are magic cards that strengthen a certain element. We can add a maximum of 2 Field Cards to our deck, 120 points and 50 points for each element. When these cards are played, cards with that element will increase by 50 points or 120 points for 3 turns. (Remember that ALL CARDS get extra points even if those cards are in your opponent’s hand).

Don’t be fooled by the seemingly simple rules of Cross the Ages. It is a very competitive and challenging game in terms of deck building and playing strategies. We invite you to our discord server for discussions and exchange of ideas about deck building and game strategies.






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