What is Scholarship?


What is Scholarship? 2022

What is Scholarship? What is Scholarship? Play to earn has become one of the popular business models of the 2020s. One of the biggest reasons why this industry has become so popular in a short time is that it provides...

kingdom clash

Kingdom Clash 2022 Stratagy Based Game

What is Kingdom Clash? Kingdom Clash is a strategy-based play and win game available on the WAX ​​network, also known as the “king of NFTs”. If you’ve played strategy-based games like Travian or Clan Wars before, Kingdom Clash will be...

Krypto Fighters

Krypto Fighters 2022 Turn-Based Strategy Game

What is Krypto Fighters? Krypto Fighters is a brand new 2D pixel style fighter-themed turn-based RPG game. The Krypto Fighters play and win game that will be released on the Polygon network is designed by Maxma Games Studio. The team...

Metal Core

Metalcore 2022 Multiplayer Open World Game

Metal Core Metalcore Multiplayer Open world game information. Many play to win games today cannot satisfy the players visually. We can argue that the reason for this is that it is much more difficult to adapt the designed games to...

Rebel Bots

Rebel Bots: Xoil Wars 2022 Skill Based Card Battle Game

Rebel Bots Rebel Bots Xoil Wars is a card and strategy nft game that will come to life on the Polygon network. The team of the game consists of experienced game makers who have worked with popular game companies such...

Crypto Shots

Crypto Shots 2022 3D FPS Game

What is Crypto Shots? Most of the play-to-earn games available on the Wax and Hive blockchains are 2D and relatively simple text-based games. Crypto Shots is a 3D FPS game that allows us to earn coins and NFTs while providing...


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