Blast Royale

Blast Royale

Blast Royale, One of the most popular genres in the game world is battle royale games. Games such as Pubg, Fortnite, Call of Duty still maintain their popularity among players.

Blast Royale will also appear as a battle royale-type play-to-earn game. It will be earned in the game from $CS and $BLST coins. Blast Royale’s production team consists of people who are very experienced in game development. It has the support of many big capitals and guilds. They have a common metaverse project with other play-to-earn games they are partners with. In this way, the nft characters and items that we will use in the game can be used in other play to earn games they are partners with.

There is a scholarship system in the Blast Royale play to earn game. So if you can find a manager who can rent you nft items, you can earn money for free without investing any money in the game. There is also a free to play option in the game, but the characters/items given to us in free to play mode are not nft. In other words, we cannot sell it in the market, but if we are successful in the game, we can earn from the materials to be used in the game and earn money by using them.


There are nft characters and nft items that we need to have in order to play Blast Royale and earn money. Nft characters do not have any special powers or skills in terms of gameplay. They are only cosmetic items. Weapons and other nft items have detailed features and uses. Blast Royale makers have developed nft items with durability in order to make the game long-term. Every nft item has a certain life time, durability. When this time expires, we cannot use that nft item in battle.

So we have to either buy a new one or produce a new one. However, we can use this nft item, which has expired, while creating a new nft item. So even if our items have expired, we can sell them in the market or use them to produce new ones. In addition, after each battle, our items wear out and we have to repair them. $CS and $BLST coins are also used to repair or craft new nft items. There are different systems in which we will spend the coins we earn from the game, such as producing new nft items, repairing damaged nft items, and upgrading nft items.

Before starting the game, we set a loadout with the nft items we have. We start the game with only our melee weapon equipped. We get the equipment and weapons which in our loadout has been set before starting the game from the boxes in the game. The more boxes we open, the more items we collect and the stronger we become. Each nft item and each box have different rarity levels. Of course, the higher the rarity, the higher the power of the nft item.

There are different modes in the game such as ranking, championship, and tournaments. Each player wins trophies as they win matches and they compete in different leagues determined by the number of trophies. In addition, players automatically participate in that season’s championship with the points they earn in each match. At the end of each season, players receive championship awards according to the number of trophies in their hands. Of course, better-performing players get bigger rewards, while worse-performing players get smaller rewards.

Another mode in Blast Royale play to earn game is tournaments. Tournaments is a mode designed for more experienced players. Entry to the tournaments is paid, but the earnings are much more. It will also be possible to participate in tournaments organized between guilds.

Blast Royale play to earn game’s developers consisting of highly experienced people in the game industry. It also has the support of many capitals and guilds. Undoubtedly, Blast Royale will be a game that will make a name for itself this year.






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