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Play to Earn Blog Entries

Our Team

Cankut Topaçoğlu - Ceo Founder

Entrepreneur, Marketing advisor to many blockchain games. Founder of Play2EarnTR. 2 years of marketing, 3 years of experience in blockchain games.

Bahal - Chief Marketing Officer

In the network of Matic and Wax more than 3 year marketing experience. Maxma Games Studio Marketing Executive Employee

Çağdaş Sönmez - Chief Operating Officer

Working in the management of blockhain guilds, 3 years of blockahin experience. Article writer, Research supervisor, Team coordinator. Discord ID: ultimate_tool#0306

Samet Gündoğdu - Marketing

Play2EarnTR marketing employee. 1 year marketing experience Discord ID: Zeus-#1857

Arif Uzun - Motion Graphic Designer

More than 3 years of motion graphic designer experience Discord ID : Plumbér#5587

Nevzat Kılıç - Graphic Designer

6 Years of Graphic and design experience. Discord ID : Dessive The Excelans#2306

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